The History of the Society of Metaphysicians

It all began with mystical and revelatory experiences in the life of John J. J. Williamson, from his early boyhood onwards. During World War 2, John Williamson was a radio instructor in the RAF at Cranwell in Lincolnshire. From June 1944 to March 1946, he also lectured to his colleagues on "the new metaphysics" : which much later became known as neometaphysics: These lectures, which were later published in three booklets as "The Cranwell Lectures", constituted the first formal presentation of neometaphysics.

As a result of the interest generated in the lectures, the Society of Metaphysicians was founded in 1944. In August 1947, a few of the members set up the Headquarters of the Society at Archers' Court, Hastings in Sussex and formed a small community there.

The Society gradually expanded and the community conducted social businesses to supplement its incomes and resources. The main line of social business at this stage was the running of Archers' Court as a guest house, especially during the summer season.

Alan Mayne first visited Archers' Court in 1958, and immediately joined the Society. He was appointed its Director of Research in 1959. Soon afterwards, the Society's guest house business was terminated, and much of Archers' Court was converted into flats, the income from which was to help finance the Society.

By this time, the Society's publications were expanding rapidly, and a successful mail order business was being conducted by the Metaphysical Research Group on behalf of the Society. Many years passed, during which the Society 'coasted along'. Eventually, in 1992, it began its present very active phase. Its flow of publications expanded, the NeoMetaphysical Digest was published several times a year, and several more booklets were issued other booklets are in preparation.

As a result of its increased flow of publications and the gradual expansion of its mail order business, the Society itself is expanding its membership gradually but steadily. The professionalism of some of its new members has been very high. It is already networking with many more organisations and individuals with allied interests. The stage could now be set for a new phase, before the end of the 1990's, when the Society and neometaphysical ideas in general both begin to have a large impact on the world.


A Statement of General Policy

as derived from neometaphysics and sustained from 1944 until the present day....

1. The Society of Metaphysicians is dedicated to the task of bringing fundamental knowledge and common activity to all people, no matter what their state or understanding. That is; the Society places unity of thought and deed above all other things.

2 The Society is concerned with the Infinite potentiality in Humanity and therefore with Humanity's union with the Highest. There is no limit envisaged to the development and joy before us all.

3. No single phase of human activity is neglected and no service considered negligible.... every effort is made to increase functional harmony amidst human affairs in all ways immediately possible to us.

4. Esoteric experience, Spiritual knowledge, psychic study and development, mental energy studies and other allied matters are all essential aspects of the Society's Policy. We seek to increase the consciousness in the certain understanding that this must also increase harmony in all ways.

5. Our power to act is no greater than the present Unity we represent; thus, so far as our power extends, then so do we assess the priorities in those tasks before us and act accordingly. That is: we are limited by our immediate resources and this limitation determines which matters we may influence and the extent to which we may act at any time.

6. We seek to promote those researches leading to knowledge and power consistent with higher harmony and peace. We seek to remove barriers to good thought, experience and action in all walks of life. We promote research into human affairs, mental and allied subjects, extra dimensional states, radiesthesia, human and other aura studies, interplanetary and allied matters and all the 'Borderline' sciences.

7. Similarly, we seek to provide practical facilities, so that sincere desire may find a means to blossom and contribute to world harmony as well as to personal welfare, both spiritually and materially. We seek to provide administrative and research equipment, courses of instruction, libraries and all essential material assets.
But in addition, we work to establish, to make stable and to develop communities and other group-homes wherein sincere people may live and grow into harmony and spiritual power which can re-manifest through our many departments. Each community being adjusted to the psychological needs of its members and all such groups aiming at one final unity of thought and deed. That is - we seek to establish living places, homes, workshops and all essentials for gaining ideal way of life.

9 We recognise the essential need of any group of people to gain assets which can be transmuted into social unity of the highest order. Thus; we support the policy of providing small businesses, the incomes from which are returned to one central fund to promote spiritual development in all spheres of activity, with a reasonable proportion being paid to members of such spiritually oriented businesses. We have evolved a unified business system which we call 'social business'.

10 Neometaphysics reveals the possibility of impending world cataclysm and through that disaster the dawn of a new era. Atomic radiation and environmental damage pose very real threats to our world. It is only through the working out of human and environmental problems by the application of fundamental knowledge (Neometaphysics) that we can bring about a real new dawn in human and world affairs.

11 We permit no limits of thought to restrict the Society's infinite policy and automatically include All people as Brothers and Sisters, So far as they respond to that understanding, then so far we may offer aid and accept it in accordance with the findings of Fundamental Law. Universal Membership is an essential quality of the Society.

12 All policy and action is concisely calculated on a proven system of scientific probability which refers all matters to the common basis of manifest Law: that which is the full Expression of Divine Intelligence .There can be no error in policy or deed of a fundamental or truly hurtful nature.

This outstanding policy has remained, in basis, firm since 1944, and in the intervening years its practical application has revealed many useful and important ways and means of practical attainment. A scale of values appears whereupon the problems of finance, labour, direction of our energies, the priorities of various practical tasks, the amount of time and money that we may put towards our idealistic appeals, are all properly evaluated. Therefore, upon the empirical basis derived by the past fifty years of dedicated work, we now have a firm practical policy for the physical life, as well as for the more esoteric life. Neither contradicts the other. There is opportunity for those who wish to apply themselves in an intensely practical way as well as for those concerned purely with the 'abstractions'.

Inasmuch as the new metaphysics is the foundation for all the Society's policies and works, and also provides accurate guidance and knowledge for all in every field of human endeavour, it is self-evident that one of the Society's priorities is to present neometaphysics and to make it accessible, to its members. This has been established by five text books, namely, three volumes of the CRANWELL LECTURES, the OUTLINE of the CONCEPTS and PRINCIPLES of the NEW METAPHYSICS, a useful LAYMAN'S GUIDE and of extreme importance because of their simple step by step presentation, THE LAYMAN'S LESSONS.

The majority of people seeking some additional form of enlightenment and guidance in life do not have the discipline of technical achievement, most being guided by intuition and common sense. As a consequence, few can make progress when studying some step-by-step technical work. The society recognises the validity of both impartial intuitive perception and that of the scientific method. It is engaged in mystical and esoteric studies, and seeks to bridge the "gap" between these two ways of knowing. In "bridging the gap" , we publish many articles on neometaphysical application in human affairs. We have prepared greatly simplified instruction lessons, which will make the road ahead much easier for the lay person.